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More coronavirus patients hospitalized, positive tests up 55%

The number of coronavirus patients admitted to hospitals has risen sharply over the past seven days, with positive tests also rising, the Institute of Public Health RIVM said in an update every Tuesday.

About 485 people were hospitalized with coronavirus, and 76 were hospitalized for other reasons but had the virus, according to RIVM. rice field.

A total of 870 people are now being treated in hospital for the virus, the highest total in two months. Over 19,000 positive tests were also recorded by local health centers, a 55% increase from a week ago.

This figure does not reflect the actual number of infected people, as GGD test centers currently only check health care workers, those who cannot self-test, and those who require a coronavirus certificate. not.

More virus particles have also been detected in wastewater.


Last month, the government launched a new vaccination campaign in anticipation of the fall wave. All persons 12 years of age and older are eligible for a booster dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine if they have not had a booster her jab or coronavirus infection in the past three months.

Just over two-thirds of adults are classified as fully immunized. So, got her first two vaccines in 2021 and got a booster last winter. However, according to an I&O survey, about half of adults in the Netherlands do not plan to receive a booster vaccine against coronavirus this autumn.

According to RIVM, it’s even more important that everyone tests themselves for symptoms and gets booster shots to keep the Netherlands open and accessible to the health system.

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