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More Dutch worried about impending war, loss of guaranteed freedoms

Fear of war among Dutch residents surged last year, according to an annual survey conducted by Centerdata on behalf of the Dutch government. National Committee 4en5 MeiDutch residents are also more concerned that their guaranteed freedoms no longer feel guaranteed.

About a third of Dutch residents fear they or their loved ones will be involved in war within the next five years, compared to only about 10% in 2021 . Fear of another World War II-like event was a commonly-cited concern. “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine probably explains these results,” the commission said.

Over the past few years, more people say they feel more free, with 20% in 2023 compared to 11% in 2022. In contrast, more people feel that their guaranteed freedoms are not as guaranteed as they used to be, with 66% this year and 49% last year.

As in previous years, most Dutch residents attach great importance to Memorial Day (85%) and Liberation Day (77%). His two days top the list of key moments that make people feel connected to other Dutch people, surpassing King’s Day and major sporting events.

A growing group of people want to commemorate more than just the Dutch victims of World War II on Liberation Day. 78% want to commemorate all Dutch victims of World War II and subsequent war situations and peace operations, and 59% want to draw attention to other wars on the day as well .

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/02/dutch-worried-impending-war-loss-guaranteed-freedoms More Dutch worried about impending war, loss of guaranteed freedoms

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