More mistakes in stop-and-search trial in Amsterdam


According to an internal police investigation cited on Monday, Amsterdam police carried out 10 stoppages and search operations last November, violating the agreement. Parole.

Mayor Femke Halsema has already called off the search experiment after a team of police officers. entered the youth center In mid-November, in the western part of the city, in violation of the agreement, they searched everyone inside. No weapons were found.

Police have now conducted searches in 10 different indoor locations that do not meet guidelines. Quoted.

Among the incidents, police searched 15 bus passengers and the driver, searched 10 people waiting at a bus stop, and broke into various grill rooms, gas stations, night shops, pizzerias, bakeries, and internet cafes. bottom.

A total of 126 people were searched for weapons, and three were found: a knuckle duster, a folding knife and a taser, the paper said.

Moreover, outside observers who were present at each check to ensure that the police were not acting in a discriminatory manner found that, despite this being expressly prohibited, young people He said he would be picked up for frequent checks.No evidence of ethnic profiling was found.

Halsema has given the city police authority to conduct “experimental” arrest and search operations in five areas of the city, despite the concerns of many city councilors.

The trial was allowed to proceed on the condition that the people were outdoors and selected at random. From October he planned a total of 25 operations by the end of December. More mistakes in stop-and-search trial in Amsterdam

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