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More parents are opting for smaller private schools

Small private schools are becoming more popular in the Netherlands, in part because of the coronavirus pandemic. More and more parents are opting for these small-scale alternatives to regular education. advertisement report.

The number of small private schools has doubled in the last five years, according to Educational Inspection Service statistics. In 2018, the Netherlands had 58 such schools in primary education and 10 in secondary education. By June 1, it had grown to 101 elementary schools and 39 middle schools.

The Inspectorate said the coronavirus has spurred this development. On the one hand, parents wanted their children to go to less crowded places. On the other hand, when the coronavirus lockdown took children away from classrooms, “parents saw that their children were learning differently, sometimes faster,” he said.

Small private schools have responded, sometimes by promoting alternative education, depending on their way of life, worldview and upbringing, AD discovered when speaking with its originators. The Nature School in Wieringewald, for example, focuses on enabling children to experience peace, nature and space. The Renaissance school Almere belongs to the far-right party FvD and follows its ideology. Also, at his De Tijd en Ruimte in Den Bosch, children will be able to guide the learning process and have a say in how the school is run.

According to the Ministry of Education, many small private schools are striving to provide education that emphasizes learning based on the motivation of students. They encourage more input from children, learning in mixed age groups, and more parental involvement. Respect for society and nature is also emphasized.

In secondary education, private schools often introduce extended transitional classes and many electives. Only at the end of the lower grades do children choose the final grade of secondary profile that best suits their interests and abilities.

Despite its growing popularity, private education is still much smaller than regular education in the Netherlands. He makes up less than 0.1 percent of all Dutch students attending private schools. In this country he has over 6,500 primary and 641 secondary institutions.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/07/parents-increasingly-opting-smaller-private-schools More parents are opting for smaller private schools

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