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Most Russians fleeing the army can stay longer: Minister

Deputy Attorney General Eric van der Burg has confirmed that Russians who fled to the Netherlands simply because they feared being drafted into the army to fight in Ukraine would not fall under an extended moratorium on deportation.

Three months ago, van der Berg said Russian citizens could stay in the Netherlands and avoid prosecution if deported. This week, he extended a decision not to deport Russian conscripts aged 18 to 27 until next July.

But now Russia has completed the convocation and the Immigration Service IND says it has enough information to evaluate individual cases, and those who are not conscripted may be treated as regular refugees. There is, van der Berg told parliamentarians at a briefing.

The situation is different for Russians who have deserted or refused to participate, he said, and no decision has yet been made on their cases. “This is due to the lack of up-to-date, clear and reliable information about the extent to which conscription is being used in the war in Ukraine,” Van der Berg said.

Martin van der Linden of the Dutch refugee organization Fruchtelingenwerk said: Broadcaster NOS He doesn’t understand why Russians who flee for fear of being drafted are treated differently than those who refuse to serve.

Moreover, of the hundreds of thousands of Russians who fled the country, only a few dozen are in the Netherlands. “We’re not talking about a critical group that needs a quick resolution,” he said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/most-russians-who-fled-the-army-call-up-can-stay-longer-minister/ Most Russians fleeing the army can stay longer: Minister

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