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MP backs Patriot missile program but details still lacking: NOS

Patriot Launch System. Photo: Defense.nl

A majority of lawmakers back Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s pledge to join the United States and Germany in sending Patriot missiles to Ukraine. Broadcaster NOS Reported Thursday.

During a visit to President Joe Biden earlier this week, Rutte said the Netherlands intended to deliver Patriot missiles to Ukraine because they were “important at this stage of the war.” He did not say how many missiles were fired or how fast they were fired.

It is still unclear what the Cabinet’s plan will involve, but according to the NOS, parliamentarians from the four cabinet parties and many of the opposition support the idea in principle.

“Ukraine has the right to defend itself,” SP MP Jasper van Dijk told NOS radio. “This country is being attacked by Russia in a very cowardly way.”

Some parliamentarians question whether the Netherlands will have enough Patriots for its own air defense, the NOS said. In the Army he has four Patriot missile systems.

Defense Minister Kasya Örongren is among defense ministers discussing military aid to Ukraine in Ramstein, Germany, on Friday.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/mps-back-patriot-missile-plan-but-details-still-scarce-nos/ MP backs Patriot missile program but details still lacking: NOS

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