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Municipality wants to bring water recreation back to Springer Pond, once popular swimming spot – Northern Times

Groningen’s Springer Pond has served many purposes in its existence for more than a century, but in recent decades it has lacked the key ingredient of quality recreational water.

The pond was closed to swimming around the 1960s due to frequently high levels of bacteria. Today, Groningen has few public swimming pools or other recreational water facilities. Reassessment of the 2021 City Park Plan.

That’s about to change, according to sitcom news site. After more than a decade of effort by stakeholders, the city has implemented a cleaning program to ensure the pond’s water is safe for beachgoers.

From labor projects to recreational attractions

Springer Pond (known locally as Springervijver) started in 1913 as a project to put Groningen’s unemployed to work. During World War I, the “Conciliation Assistance Committee” employed about 100 people to dig and move the soil. Many workers did not know they were building public recreational facilities. They thought the park was for the elite only.

It wasn’t until the late 1950s that the city added recreational infrastructure such as pavilions, skating rinks, and botanical gardens. Prior to that, the pond was owned by the Stadspark Association.

Springer Pond officially became the property of Groningen, and swimming was probably the biggest attraction at the time.

But already in the 1960s, bacterial levels in ponds were a concern.

swimming plan

Today, Studs Park has about 140 hectares of prime land. Provides ample space for rest, recreation, sports and many other activities. Attractions include an event area, petting zoo, campground, and pavilion. There is also a soccer field, an athletics field and a golf course.

But still can’t swim.

This did not please the city councilors of Groningen, who wanted to revive water play in the area. After years of planning and research, the city plans to begin pilot testing in 2024. This means that next summer you will already be able to take your first dip in the city park.

https://northerntimes.nl/municipality-wants-to-bring-water-recreation-back-to-springer-pond-once-a-popular-swimming-hole/ Municipality wants to bring water recreation back to Springer Pond, once popular swimming spot – Northern Times

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