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Museum of Photography buys monument building in Rotterdam for 38 million euros.donation

Thanks to a €38 million donation from the Foundation Droom en Daad, the Dutch Museum of Photography has purchased a warehouse classified as a historic monument. The Rotterdam building will be the new location of the museum. The Museum of Photography hopes to complete renovations and open in September 2025 at its new location, said director Birgit Donker. Volkskrant.

“This is a long-time dream of ours, an impressive house building to celebrate everything from amateur photography to art photography and everything around it,” said Donker. Soon, a photography museum will open within his 1903 national monument, Santos, in Katendrecht in Rheinhafen, south of Rotterdam.

Everything happened very quickly. German company Stilwerk was renovating Santos, a former NV Brauhudenfeem warehouse that housed coffee and seeds shipped from the Brazilian port city of Santos. Last month, however, the company decided to cancel plans to turn the building into a design department store due to a cost-benefit imbalance.

Planning to rent part of the warehouse for cultural activities, Droom Ann Daed knew that the Museum of Photography was looking for a new location because the rent at its current location had increased. The charitable foundation, which spends millions of euros each year on art and culture in Rotterdam, has decided to intervene. “Droom an Daed co-financed the 2021 expansion of the museum and is helping to induct it into the Dutch Photography Hall of Fame,” Doncker said. “We’ve been talking to them about new construction for a while.”

Stilwerk’s canceled project presents an opportunity for the Museum of Photography. Just a month before him, Laura Dufour, deputy head of Donker and Droom en Durd, went to see the warehouse. It turned out to be perfect and the deal closed.

Droom en Daad donated 38 million euros to the Museum of Photography for the purchase and provision of equipment for Santos. The Museum of Photography hopes to open its new location by September 2025, with nine floors for exhibitions, a warehouse with more than 6 million objects, a photobook shop, a library and panoramic views of Rotterdam. It features a rooftop restaurant.

“Euro 38 million is really generous,” Donker said. “The only requirement for Droom en Daad is to stay in Rotterdam.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/14/fotomuseum-buys-monument-building-rotterdam-eu38-mil-donation Museum of Photography buys monument building in Rotterdam for 38 million euros.donation

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