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Nearly half of Dutch people don’t celebrate at Sinterklaas events

Almost half of the Dutch have no plans to celebrate at an event in Sinterklaas this year. According to Hart van Nederland’s survey of more than 3,400 people, more than 41% said they plan to skip the festivities.

Attendees cited the controversy over Zwarte Piet, a traditionally blackfaced festive character, as one of the main reasons for missing the Sinterklaas party. Demonstrations at events featuring Zwarte Piet are common.some celebrations Completely removed blackface In response to the controversy, others have featured “Gray Piets”, Those who wear gray makeup instead.

The economic crisis was another big reason people stayed home from the Sinterklaas event. “There are other costs. As a family, we decided to skip it once and do it again next year,” one woman told Hart van Nederland.

However, a significant number of Dutch people still celebrate the festival. One in three of them buys special treats, such as Pepernoten or chocolate.

“We’re doing it as enthusiastically as we always have,” another woman told Hart van Nederland. “A little less? No, more every year!”

https://nltimes.nl/2022/11/06/nearly-half-dutch-people-celebrate-sinterklaas-events-anymore Nearly half of Dutch people don’t celebrate at Sinterklaas events

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