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Netherlands and UNDP intensify cooperation to accelerate circular economy in Vietnam’s private sector | News Article

The ACE-Biz project aims to transform Vietnam’s low cost sector by transforming business through the formulation of circular guidelines, the implementation of capacity building programs and promotion of technology transfer, and the demonstration of certification schemes that facilitate the exchange of secondary and reusable resources. It aims to contribute to carbon and circular development. Sell ​​products through online marketplaces. The project will be jointly implemented by government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, private partners and academia from both Vietnam and the Netherlands, Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park and NX Filtration Company. Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The new project will facilitate the development of comprehensive technical guidelines to help companies integrate circular design principles and adopt circular industrial wastewater models. These guidelines serve as a practical framework for ensuring sustainable and efficient recycling activities within companies.

In addition, the project will provide Vietnamese companies with a customized capacity building program that will demonstrate green production methods and provide them with the knowledge and skills to reduce environmental pollution through circular economy practices. The alliance aims to foster a network of circular economy champions in the private sector to drive measurable change and establish a solid foundation for sustainable economic growth.

A key demonstration component of the project includes establishing a closed-loop model for circulating industrial wastewater. This model demonstrates the economic viability of circular industrial wastewater treatment and will stimulate and encourage adoption of similar models in other regions and industries.

The collaborative efforts of the Dutch Embassy and UNDP have led to several sustainable development initiatives, including SDG8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) and SDG12 (Responsible Consumption and Responsibility to Produce). contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). , SDG13 (Climate Action). The partnership aims to create a safer and cleaner environment by promoting circular economy principles while fostering sustainable and inclusive economic development.

The Dutch Ambassador to Vietnam, Keith van Vaal, said: “The enhanced collaboration between the Royal Dutch Embassy and UNDP underscores our shared commitment to accelerating circular economy practices in Vietnam’s private sector. ‘ said. “Together, we will leverage our expertise, resources and networks to help Vietnamese companies transition to a more sustainable and circular economy, thereby contributing to a greener future.”

“UNDP is proud to strengthen our partnership with the Dutch Embassy in advancing the circular economy agenda in Vietnam’s private sector,” said Ms. Ramla Khalidi, UNDP Resident Representative in Vietnam. “Our combined knowledge and experience can drive transformation and enable businesses to adopt sustainable practices, leading to a more resilient and prosperous future for Vietnam.”

The ACE-Biz project represents an important step towards realizing Vietnam’s vision of a circular economy. Building on the success of the corporate development program last year, we have trained more than 104 companies, leading to 7 companies developing plans to transition/adopt circular business models. The project addresses gaps, limitations and real needs identified by the Vietnamese. enterprise.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/07/18/netherlands-undp-collaboration-to-strengthen-circular-economy-in-vietnams-private-sector Netherlands and UNDP intensify cooperation to accelerate circular economy in Vietnam’s private sector | News Article

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