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Netherlands chooses design and construction consortium Netherlands Pavilion Expo 2025 Osaka | News Article

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) have selected a consortium of Dutch and Japanese companies to design and build the Dutch Pavilion for the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, Japan. The consortium, “A New Dawn,” consists of architecture bureau RAU, experience design studio Tellart, engineering consultancy DGMR, and Osaka-based construction firm Asanuma. The winning designs will be announced in Japan and the Netherlands on June 5, 2023.

image: ©Expo 2025 Osaka

A circular, sustainable structure was a key requirement in the design and realization of the Dutch Pavilion. His RAU, an architectural firm, is an international leader and pioneer in the design and construction of circular buildings, with reuse of materials and natural resources at the heart of its philosophy. An international design studio specializing in immersive storytelling and new technologies, Tellart will bring a wealth of experience crafting Expo visitor experience. Engineering consultancy DGMR excels at creating solutions for a safe, sustainable and healthy living environment. The partnership with Mr. Asanuma, a construction company, is very important. Holland is confident that the consortium will offer a unique pavilion given its strong network and proven track record of knowledge and experience.

The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka aims to bring people together and unite ingenuity to enable them to present and experiment with new ideas to address global challenges. . “We are in the midst of global crises, such as climate and health. These cannot be solved unless we work together. find and focus on the importance of building new partnerships.The Netherlands is ready to do this.We have created attractive pavilions and interactive programs to showcase Dutch innovations and international We will be able to attract cooperation,” said Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Riesche Schleinemacher.

“The design and construction of our national pavilion will set an excellent example. We are very pleased that the Dutch pavilion will come to fruition based on the good partnership between the Dutch and Japanese companies we have chosen.” increase.”

The consortium was selected following a European tender procedure conducted by RVO for the design, construction, maintenance and finishing of the Dutch Pavilion. In all he received 12 proposals. Fees will be paid to winning bidders who submit valid bids.

The European call for tenders for the operation of the pavilion will be published on tenderned.nl by the summer of 2023. There will also be opportunities for companies, knowledge institutions and cultural organizations to participate in programming and/or sponsorships before and during the Expo. 2025 Osaka. Details will be published when the design plans for the Dutch Pavilion are announced in Japan and the Netherlands on June 5, 2023.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/03/17/consortium-for-dutch-pavilion-expo-osaka Netherlands chooses design and construction consortium Netherlands Pavilion Expo 2025 Osaka | News Article

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