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Netherlands commits to EU zero work deaths declaration

“No asbestos allowed” at the demolition site. Photo: Depositphotos.com

The Netherlands has become the 11th EU member state to sign the European Trade Union Confederation’s Zero Deaths at Work Manifesto.

manifest, This manifesto includes occupational injuries, exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace, and occupational stress related to occupational injuries. Heart disease, stroke, depression, suicide.

For example, the ETUC estimates that 12 workers in the EU die at work each day and more than 100,000 die each year as a result of working with carcinogens.

in the Netherlands alone 3,000 deaths per year From working with substances that cause cancer.

The signing of Social Affairs Minister Karien van Jennip late last year coincided with a number of controversies related to working conditions in the Netherlands, some of which involved state-owned enterprises.

TV current affairs program Zemla highlighted Workers on the tarmac at Schiphol Airport had a dramatically increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer as a result of exhaust fumes and other carcinogenic pollutants.Zembla said KLM and Schiphol were aware of this. emphasized that already 15 years ago.

In addition, ProRail violate the labor contract Railroad workers’ ProRail has since appeared in court To combat the ban on these carcinogenic rocks.

Other high-profile cases involve the use of highly toxic chromium-6 paint by the Ministry of Defense. railroad worker.


The manifesto aims to strengthen action by Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament to achieve zero work-related deaths by 2030.

However, it remains to be seen how the Dutch government aims to implement the changes, as no specific implementation strategy has been published.

However, the government has set up a special fund for people who have developed conditions such as lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos or chronic painter’s disease, and Van Genyip said last year that the government But extend the scheme to other work-based ailments “once it becomes clear that they are responsible for doing so.”

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/dutch-commit-to-eu-unions-zero-deaths-at-work-manifesto/ Netherlands commits to EU zero work deaths declaration

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