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Netherlands has one of the lowest levels of corruption, but lobbying is a concern: TI

CDA MP Raymond Knops resigns from Congress to chair Defense Lobby Group. photograph: Sebastian Ter Burg/Wikipedia

Despite scoring the lowest ever in the annual Corruption Index published by Transparency International, the Netherlands remains one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

80 points is 2 points down from last year The Netherlands ranks 8th in the league table of the most transparent countries. Just below Switzerland, just above Germany.

Of the top 10 countries, only the top-ranked Denmark and Ireland improved their scores this year, joining Luxembourg in 10th place. Belgium and the UK tied for 18th, and France was her 21st. Somalia scores her 12th, the lowest of 180 countries.

TI spokesman Andor Admiraal said weak regulation of lobbyists and funding of political parties were the main weaknesses of the Dutch public sector.

“For example, the lack of proper lobbying records means that lobbyists are not properly supervised, and there are far fewer rules on funding political parties than in other countries.” he said.

The Netherlands also does not have a ‘cooling-off’ period for politicians to resign. Unlike other countries, it is not permitted to work as an advisor in areas that were formerly regulated until a certain period of time.

Former Defense Minister and Christian Democrat MP Raymond Knopps announced over the weekend: he had left parliament Chairs the defense and security lobby group NIDV.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/netherlands-among-least-corrupt-nations-but-lobbying-is-a-concern-ti/ Netherlands has one of the lowest levels of corruption, but lobbying is a concern: TI

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