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Netherlands lands NATO innovation fund headquarters

The Netherlands has been chosen to host a new NATO Innovation Fund in a decision announced Monday. Venture capital funds will be responsible for investing her €1 billion on behalf of NATO allies over the next 15 years.

Investment activity will focus on “early-stage start-ups developing emerging and disruptive technologies and other venture capital funds developing dual-use emerging and disruptive technologies (deep tech).” guess The deal to launch the discovery was made at last year’s summit in Madrid.

Since then, NATO has appointed Lakestar venture capitalist and fund founder Klaus Hommels as chairman of the new fund. He will be joined on the board by Fiona Murray, Vice Chancellor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Roberto Cingolani, who founded the Italian Institute of Technology and has served as Italy’s Minister for Ecological Transitions. A total of nine members will join the board to launch the fund at the summit in Vilnius, Lithuania this July.

All three chose the Netherlands as the home of the NATO fund. “Given the wide geographic mandate of the Fund, further regional offices will be established throughout the alliance,” NATO said in a statement.

The Council’s initial decision “marks an important milestone in establishing this historic fund, enabling NATO to tap into its innovation ecosystem for our security and defense interests.” said David van Weel, NATO’s Assistant Secretary-General for Emerging Security Issues.

“The establishment of this fund in the Netherlands is expected to increase the chances of innovative Dutch start-ups finding their way to capital. It will stimulate the development of very complex technologies,” said the Dutchman. Ministry of Defense.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/20/netherlands-lands-nato-innovation-fund-headquarters Netherlands lands NATO innovation fund headquarters

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