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Netherlands to punish animal abusers more severely

Punishment for animal abusers will be tougher, according to the Tweed Comer debate. Tweed Comer and the Cabinet have agreed, and a bill to that effect was debated on Thursday.

A lifelong ban on the detention of severe animal abusers is almost certain. Until now, courts could not impose a possession ban as a single measure. However, animal abusers are subject to a conditional ban, which can be lifted again if they do not commit a crime for long enough. According to Minister Dylan Yesirgoz, the fact that bans can now be imposed on a case-by-case basis has a “strong normative effect”.

Additionally, the maximum sentence for animal abusers has been extended from three to five years, and citizens are no longer allowed to kill animals themselves. However, some exceptions will remain, according to Agriculture Minister Piet Adema. For example, in exceptional cases, if an animal is suffering unbearably, it is possible to kill the animal yourself, or in some cases it is permissible to slaughter the animal at home. I have.

In addition, dogs that intentionally target other animals or humans will also be punished more severely. Keeping guard dogs and chasing animals with dogs is still allowed.

All in all, Tweed Comer is happy that the law is finally in force. Several parliamentarians spoke of a “special” or “historic” debate. This law was still submitted by the previous Cabinet. Yesirgoz also believes the law should have been submitted to parliament “earlier”.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/13/netherlands-punish-animal-abusers-severely Netherlands to punish animal abusers more severely

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