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New Chef in Town – BlueBlood introduces new Peruvian Nikkei menu

International top chef Luis Rojas hails from Peru but has worked in top restaurants around the world. He recently arrived in The Hague to develop an impressive new menu for the BlueBlood restaurant.

TheHagueOnLine Nikkei tasting menu Meet Chef Louis. Highly recommend this whole dining experience, not just the amazing food. BlueBlood opened in Zeestraat earlier this year and is a great place for lunch or dinner.

Next level Nikkei Cuisine

Join Chef Luis Rojas on a journey into the culinary world of Peru and Japan, into “Nikkei” cuisine. Luis was born and raised in Peru and brings his Latin American roots to his BlueBlood. Expect a diverse and adventurous combination of sophisticated clean flavors from Japan and a spicy, playful palette unique to Latin America.

“Over the past few weeks, BlueBlood has been working with us to explore the menu. New menu items are more of a fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and Peruvian flavors. New twists on our favorite sushi, ceviche and desserts. Peru. has more than 800 varieties of peppers, some of which are now used in The Hague kitchens.Did you know that these peppers are not spicy if prepared correctly?” said Lewis.

He continues: Exotic flower dishes are not only beautiful to look at, they also taste amazing and will amaze non-meat eaters. “

Authentic cuisine with a new twist and more options for vegetarians

The new menu includes new sushi rolls, ceviche and oysters such as Acevichado Roll, Ceviche de Mercado and Oyster Characa. The menu includes several new dishes without fish or meat. Vegetarian cuisine is rapidly gaining popularity in the country where Luis Rojas worked. Luis has a vision for Blue Blood to be a place that caters for all food tastes, so he’s focused on more options for vegetarian lovers like Padron Peppers and his Champiñone steriyaki.

Padron Pepper © Pacalle van Reijn

delicious dessert

There have also been innovations in desserts, as Nikkei techniques can be applied here as icing for cakes. New desserts include Yuzu Creme Brulee and Tres Leche Cake Baileys.

Tres leches Cake Baileys © Pascalle van Reijn

Nikkei history

Nikkei means “immigrant” in Japanese. When the Japanese immigrated en masse to Peru in the late 1800s, they suddenly had to work in the kitchen with completely different ingredients. Peruvian cuisine is very refined and peppery, unlike Japan, where soybeans and wasabi are often used for flavoring. Combining these techniques and flavors once gave rise to Nikkei and fusion cuisine. Luis Rojas has recently worked as a Nikkei specialist in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Qatar and Dubai. In these countries, it is now unthinkable without Nikkei. Luis prefers and respects local ingredients and translates them into Nikkei cuisine based on seasonally available ingredients.

Chicken anticuchos © Pacalle van Reijn

About Blue Blood

The arrival of Blue Bloods in The Hague earlier this year brought to our royal capital the concept of Nikkei cuisine, which is now becoming increasingly popular in major cosmopolitan cities such as Dubai, Barcelona and London. . The combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine and an adventurous palette of flavors are central here, with lobster being the signature dish, but Tomahawk steak, fresh sushi and vegetables are also on the menu. All dishes are traditionally prepared using local and seasonal ingredients. The new hotspot on The Hague’s Zeestraat is a meeting and gathering place with the vibrant heart of his BlueBlood, a large (cocktail) bar island that connects restaurants and event spaces. Mauritskade’s canal terraces offer the option of mooring or entering the terraces from the water for snacks and drinks.

Blue Blood Entree 1 © Pascalle van Reijn

Inside BlueBlood 2 © Pascale van Reijn

For more information and reservations: https://blueblood.nl/en/

https://www.thehagueonline.com/eating-out/2022/11/27/a-new-chef-in-the-city-blueblood-introduces-peruvian-nikkei-new-menu New Chef in Town – BlueBlood introduces new Peruvian Nikkei menu

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