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New housing law allows local governments to choose who to sell homeowners to

The new housing law would give local governments the power to force home sellers to sell to low- and middle-income earners. A majority of parliament supports the Hugo de Yongje Minister (public housing) bill, advertisement report.

The idea behind this measure is to ensure that low-income people can find housing. Now they often have to bid against wealthy buyers in a tight housing market. Local governments can impose this requirement on half of owner-occupied housing.The bill also allows municipalities to reserve half of their homes and rental properties. For locals and those in important professions teachers, police officers, etc.

Coalition parties VVD and D66 are critical of the amendment, saying the minister violates the property rights of homeowners. “Then, when you sell the house you worked so hard to build, the alderman will decide who can sell it,” said D66 MP Faisal Brakjar. “It’s not good. It’s about people’s freedom of choice.” “What should I do if I get divorced and want to sell my house early?”

Peter Grinwyth of the coalition party ChristenUnie called the D66 and VVD opposition “typical liberal individualism”. He said the law made affordable housing more affordable for the average citizen. “At present, a village house hunter is outsold by outsiders who have a lot of money.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/22/new-housing-law-lets-municipality-choose-homeowners-sell New housing law allows local governments to choose who to sell homeowners to

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