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New Regional Transport Strike in North – Northern Times

Regional Transport will go on strike for five consecutive days starting Monday, February 6th. CNV Trade Union announced Action on 30 January after employers failed to comply with ultimatums for improved working conditions. Next week there will likely be no Qbuzz buses or he Arriva trains, RTV Noord report.

In its ultimatum, CNV called for some requirements that unions considered necessary for a new collective bargaining agreement. These include significant wage increases, better institutions for the elderly, and tackling high workloads that put pressure on the region’s transport network.

In a statement, collective bargainer Hanane Chiki said employers had “taken everything off the agenda” and could not come up with another solution.

The Association of Public Transport Users (VWOV) has rejected the ultimatum. “Our proposed collective bargaining agreement is above average,” VWOV Chairman Fred Caggy said last week. The chairman clarified that the current deal proposal was “at the limit of what is achievable” and urged unions and workers to embrace it in the name of “peace in our industry and safety for travelers”. .

The final round of negotiations for a new agreement on public transport fell through on 18 January. The collective bargaining agreement on strike applies to about 13,000 employees, mostly bus drivers. Previous strikes, called by another union, the FNV, have temporarily suspended about 40% of public transport in various regions.

https://northerntimes.nl/transport-strike-february-2023/ New Regional Transport Strike in North – Northern Times

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