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New trade-in system for high-emission vehicles

Residents can use credits from gemente on new or used bicycles. Or for electric mopeds, bicycles and public transport tickets. A trade-in credit for a moped or motorbike is EUR 400. Oieval Pass holders get €750. Diesel vehicles have a trade-in credit of €1,000. A resident with Oievaarspas he receives 1,200 euros.

The city center becomes a zero-emission zone

From 1 January 2025, the city center will become a zero-emission zone for delivery vans and trucks. Old delivery vans and trucks with high emissions will no longer be allowed to run in zero emission zones. Therefore, businesses must switch to clean modes of transport on time. gememente wants to help companies migrate.

The credit for the transaction of old delivery vans belonging to the company is therefore €2,500 this year. Businesses can also use the credits for transportation services.

polluted vehicle

Since 2016, about 4,000 mopeds and moped bikes and about 800 cars have been scrapped under the trade-in scheme. As of early 2023, The Hague still had vehicles registered with the Dutch Vehicle Agency (RDW) that were no longer allowed to drive. In the low emission zone of The Hague. Approximate numbers are 1,800 diesel vehicles, 1,300 diesel delivery vans, and 3,000 mopeds and mopeds.

Gemente wants to clean the air in The Hague. Better air quality benefits everyone’s health. Exhaust fumes from old vehicles are the biggest contributor to air pollution in our cities.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/07/12/new-trade-in-scheme-for-high-emissions-vehicles New trade-in system for high-emission vehicles

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