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New water fountain to be added to Grote Markt – The Northern Times

For all those wondering why Groningen’s Grote Markt has been under renovation since September 2022, the answer has finally revealed itself today on the 6th of September. 

A water fountain will be added to the hole that has been in excavation for a little under a year. A water tank will be lowered into the construction site which will serve as the reservoir for the fountain to constantly be in circulation. 

The tank will be filled with groundwater, taking water from the ground it is buried in, to ensure the fountain never runs out of water. The water will be filtered regularly for safety and hygiene reasons. 

A water playground in the heart of the city

The newly installed water fountain will not just be there for residents and tourists to gaze at. Water jets will be coming out from the ground for children to play in while others can cool off on the bench that will be added to the middle of the fountain.

Construction is expected to be finalized by the beginning of November, the municipality of Groningen announced yesterday. For more information, head over to Ruimtevorjou.groningen.nl.

Photo credits: Ruimtevorjou.groningen.nl 

https://northerntimes.nl/new-water-fountain-to-be-added-to-grote-markt/ New water fountain to be added to Grote Markt – The Northern Times

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