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New York art collector lends 17 Rembrandts to Amsterdam exhibition

The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam announced Monday that all 17 Rembrandts from the Leiden Collection will be on display at an exhibition in Amsterdam in 2025. According to the museum, this exhibition will be the first opportunity to view all 17 Rembrandt works at once. By then, the museum will be known as the H’ART Museum, but as it continues to distance itself from Russia’s Hermitage Museum, it will adopt this name from September.

The exhibition will be held to commemorate the capital’s 750th anniversary in 2025. Highlights of the collection include Self-Portrait with Eyes in Shadow, a 1634 portrait of a young Rembrandt. Also on display is The Unconscious Patient (1624-1625). A long-lost painting was found at an American auction in 2015.

The Leiden Collection belongs to New York-based art collectors Thomas S. Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan. They house the world’s largest private collection of his 17th-century art from Holland.

Several Rembrandts from the Leiden Collection have been on display at the Hermitage since February as part of an exhibition on Rembrandt and his contemporaries. Many of the 35 paintings in the exhibition had not been in Holland for decades.

The current exhibition focuses on Rembrandt’s work Minerva in the Study (1635). In addition to the works of Rembrandt (1606-1669), the exhibition presents works by his teachers Pieter Lastmann, Ferdinand Boll, Arendt de Gelder and other disciples and followers, as well as Karel Fabritius and Jan Steen. Paintings by contemporary painters will also be on display. The exhibition runs until August 27th.

The Kaplans recently loaned Johannes Vermeer’s Young Woman at the Virginal to the Rijksmuseum. It is part of the Vermeer exhibition, the largest collection of paintings by the Delft painter ever assembled in one of his spaces.

The Vermeer exhibition has been the museum’s most-visited exhibition to date.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/26/new-york-art-collectors-lending-17-rembrandts-amsterdam-exhibition New York art collector lends 17 Rembrandts to Amsterdam exhibition

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