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Nijmegen expel AZ fans from future games after West Ham riots

The city of Nijmegen will not allow AZ Alkmaar supporters to attend Sunday’s match against NEC Nijmegen. The city made a decision on this. Riot It broke out at AFAS Stadium on Thursday after the incident. Lost 1-0 to West Ham United in the semi-finals in the conference league.

As the final whistle blew, a group of Alkmaar fans crashed through the fence and tried to collide with West Ham supporters in the main stands. The West Ham player’s family, partners, friends and the team’s technical staff were also in the stands.

The mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Brülls, has decided to bar AZ supporters from entering the stadium on Sunday after consulting with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the police, the city reported. With no arrests made after Thursday’s riots, the city is concerned that the day’s crowd may include cheaters.

No arrests were made on Thursday as police’s main focus was restoring public order and safety, a spokeswoman said. Alkmaar police said on Saturday they planned to release images of rioters. They further said individuals at the scene had the opportunity to come forward voluntarily, which could prevent the release of these images.

Investigative teams are currently working to identify suspects. They are urging individuals with relevant information or footage of the unrest to come forward.

The mayor of Nijmegen expressed regret over the need to ban AZ fans from entering the stadium, saying it was unfortunate that the actions of a few had negative consequences for many. NEC also said it regretted that the match would be played without AZ supporters.

In response to the stadium ban, AZ said, “We ask our supporters to accept this coercive decision. Let’s spread the word, AZ thinks it’s very annoying to have a big match going on.” A group of well-meaning supporters bear the brunt of a few stupid acts. “

AZ also added that fans who purchased tickets for Sunday’s game will be notified individually.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/20/nijmegen-bans-az-fans-upcoming-match-following-west-ham-riots Nijmegen expel AZ fans from future games after West Ham riots

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