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Nijmegen raises parking fee to €30 in parts of city center

The city of Nijmegen wants to charge €30 for parking in Benedenstadt, a low-lying residential area in the center of the city, no matter how long the car is parked. The city hopes the measure will discourage young people who prefer to hang out in the area at night or play loud music in their cars. Omrop Gelderland report.

The Hague recently Increased parking fee to €50 in parts of Scheveningen Efforts to secure more parking spaces for local residents. It would be a nice side benefit for Nijmegen, but the main reason for the move is to reduce nuisance.

According to the city, young people like to hang out and have fun on the Waukade River in large numbers. This usually happens after 11pm when parking is still free. The city council still has to approve the measure.

If the municipality has its way, all drivers parking in Benedenstad will have to pay a €30 day pass, whether they park for two minutes or all day. The city will use the proceeds to hire law enforcement officers to patrol the area 24/7.

The city hopes the high price tag will scare away troublemakers. Young people can also park their car in the city center car park. Parking is 50 cents per hour and 14 euros per day.

Residents of Benedenstad are exempt from this measure. You can still park in the area if you have a residence permit or visit permit.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/21/nijmegen-hikes-parking-rates-eu30-part-city-center Nijmegen raises parking fee to €30 in parts of city center

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