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NL Americans Inspired to Support Citizenship-Based Tax Campaign

A Dutch bike with American extras.Photo: Brandon Hartley

Only Americans permanently residing in the Netherlands and Americans born in the United States are asked to help. Fund a lobby campaign This means that you must file taxes in the US even if you don’t live in the US.

Last year, a group of American expats living in several different countries legal objection Applying U.S. Citizenship Taxation to Americans Living Abroad.

Now Fabian Lehagl of the Association of Accidental Americans in Paris is campaigning to raise funds to “unite expatriates and accidental Americans” to fight citizenship-based taxation and lobby in the United States. It was started.

“If we could mobilize hundreds of thousands of the world’s nine million American expatriates, we could accomplish a lot because we are all doing one thing: ending citizen-based taxation. Because we have the same purpose,” Lehagre said.

For the past seven years, Lehagre and AAA have campaigned on behalf of those who acquired U.S. citizenship against their will.

So far, the group has raised more than €38,000 out of $100,000 goal To fund publicity and lobbying activities. “We hope that as many expat Americans as possible will support our approach and persuade others to join,” he said.

Americans living abroad are required to report their assets to the Internal Revenue Service (U.S. tax office) annually. This law affects both current citizens and those with residency status. Some people don’t even realize they’re technically American.

Americans Are Fighting FACTA, Accidental Or Not

One American citizen living in the Netherlands, who lived only up to 6 months old, told Dutch News that she is technically an American, so she either renounced her US citizenship or filed taxes in the US. He said he had to pay a lot. .

“I’m Dutch, but I don’t feel American at all,” she said. “I have never benefited from anything based on my US citizenship.”

was not told

Jet B, who was born in the U.S. and returned to the Netherlands with Dutch parents when he was 7, told Dutch News the U.S. imposes citizenship-based taxes without notifying those involved. .

“How could we know about this law if the IRS didn’t notify you or your Dutch parents? We didn’t know,” she said. “Had I known, I would have renounced my US citizenship as soon as I turned 18.”

“Citizenship taxes and FATCA (which requires American citizens to report their assets to the IRS each year) are ruining our lives, both personally and financially,” she said. Also, I’m no longer proud of my US citizenship, I wish I had given it up years ago, but it’s too expensive now.

Jet helped discover A group of casual Americans in the Netherlands It says the US should join the rest of the world in taxing based on residence.

“Millionaires and millionaires hire lawyers and other consultants who know exactly how to hide their money,” she said. “Instead, CBT and FACTA.” is hurting a lot of innocent people abroad, they are not catching big fish.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/americans-in-nl-urged-to-back-citizenship-based-tax-campaign/ NL Americans Inspired to Support Citizenship-Based Tax Campaign

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