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No booster vaccine against coronavirus needed this spring, experts say

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Coronavirus experts advise against another vaccination this spring because the population has sufficient immunity to previous vaccines and infections.

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) said the majority of people have built up enough antibodies to Covid-19, and those infected tend to have milder symptoms.

Advisors will decide later this year whether another booster round should be held in the fall, when the peak coronavirus infection season begins.

Doctors should be able to prescribe vaccines to patients vulnerable to coronavirus infection, such as those with severely compromised immune systems.

last week OMT said mass testing at regional centers could be scaled back Also, people who suspect they have coronavirus symptoms no longer need to take a self-test.

People with suspected Covid-19 infection should continue to take precautions, such as coughing into their elbows, washing their hands regularly, and staying home if they feel unwell, as with other respiratory illnesses.

OMT said the common Omicron subspecies of the virus has reached endemic stage. That is, although it is prevalent, it no longer poses a serious threat to public health. However, measures such as mass testing should be available in case a more severe variant emerges.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/no-need-for-booster-vaccine-against-coronavirus-this-spring-experts-decide/ No booster vaccine against coronavirus needed this spring, experts say

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