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No proof that Dutch asylum policy is attracting more asylum seekers

There is no scientific evidence that the Dutch asylum policy attracts more asylum seekers and migrants to the Netherlands, according to a new study by the Verwey-Jonker Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

That reception facilities in the Netherlands allegedly attract more asylum seekers is a frequently used argument in the asylum debate. For example, the VVD has long fought against allowing asylum seekers to start working while their procedure is ongoing – despite widespread labor shortages in the Netherlands – saying it would have an attractive effect.

But, according to the Verwey-Jonker Institute, there is no actual evidence that asylum seekers give the Netherlands’ asylum policy any thought when they decide to flee from their country of origin. Safety has the most significant influence on that decision. War, physical insecurity, and natural disasters are the main reasons for fleeing their homes and countries.

Safety in the countries they travel through also plays a role, according to the researchers. Poor prospects for the future and inhumane situations in asylum camps are often cited as reasons for asylum seekers to keep moving.

Once in Europe, the presence of family or friends is the most important reason for wanting to travel to the Netherlands. “The general security situation, prosperity, and economic situation” also affect the Netherlands’ attractiveness to asylum seekers. And that is unrelated to the asylum policy, the researchers said.

The researchers added that the family reunification rules may have “some influence” on the choice to travel from another EU country. However, the differences in regulations between the member states are relatively small in this area, and the policy is less decisive than safety and social networks.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/09/05/proof-dutch-asylum-policy-attracting-asylum-seekers No proof that Dutch asylum policy is attracting more asylum seekers

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