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Northern Times working with TopDutch – The Northern Times

top dutch An internationally focused local economy brand in the North of the Netherlands, an innovative international company looking to set up facilities in the ‘Top of the Netherlands’ regions Groningen, Drenthe and the North Friesland provinces It is intended for

Originally founded in 2017, the organization recently relaunched with a new team and is headed by the Northern Netherlands Investment and Development Agency (NOMMore).

TopDutch’s main pitch to overseas companies is that the North is a great place. to investWith TopDutch brimming with talented students and young professionals, a vibrant business environment and start-up scene, and strong talent development initiatives, the region is poised to further grow international companies and bring more jobs to the Netherlands. recognized as an ideal destination for

The organization also shines a spotlight on local talent and shares the stories of smart innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers making a name for themselves locally and globally.

In recognition of TopDutch’s financial support of The Northern Times, we will add a new tagline to our homepage, add a banner with a link to TopDutch’s site, and feature a special news section called “TopDutch Regional Highlights” . Feature article on promising companies and influential sectors in the Northern States, including in-depth interviews with companies in Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland.

Keep an eye out for future articles on Friesland’s circular economy and water technology sector.

https://northerntimes.nl/the-northern-times-working-together-with-topdutch/ Northern Times working with TopDutch – The Northern Times

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