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Nurse accused of killing 20 coronavirus patients freed by court – Northern Times

Court orders release of nurse Theodore V i doubt it The Algemeen Dagblad newspaper said it was responsible for the deaths of at least 20 coronavirus patients, citing insufficient evidence. report.

V was arrested in April at his home in Fehnheisen after confessing to intentionally shortening the lives of patients while undergoing treatment at a mental health clinic at the Wilhelmina Hospital (WZA) in Assen.

At the time, the OM prosecutor’s office said in a conversation with mental health staff that she “prematurely ended the lives of 20 patients during the coronavirus pandemic as a WZA respiratory nurse,” “many times.” ‘ said he was saying.

However, at the hearing he denied this, according to To his lawyer Charing van der Guth.

The OM asked the judge to extend V’s detention for an additional 60 days. However, a council of the Northern District Court of the Netherlands ruled that the evidence was “not strong enough” to prosecute the suspects and keep them in pretrial detention.

Theodore V., 31, was hired by WZA as a respiratory nurse just months before the pandemic began. The incidents OM is investigating are believed to have occurred between March 2020 and May 2022.

Prosecutors did not provide details on how many patients were involved, but relatives of patients were told by police that at least 24 deaths were suspected. All were being treated for COVID-19.

V allegedly performed medical procedures on a patient he believed was terminally ill without a doctor’s order.

OM said the psychiatric clinic staff took his remarks very seriously and, after extensive consultation with colleagues and obtaining legal advice, decided to break confidentiality and submit the report to the WZA. Stated.

Prior to being recruited by Assen Hospital, V worked for one year at the Martini Hospital in Groningen and before that at the University Medical Center of Groningen. He has also reportedly completed an internship at the Rotes Kreutz Crankenhaus in Bremen. launched Original research on his stay in Germany.

https://northerntimes.nl/nurse-suspected-of-killing-20-covid-patients-released-by-court/ Nurse accused of killing 20 coronavirus patients freed by court – Northern Times

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