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Official WOZ property values ​​up 17% but based on 2021

Photo: DutchNews.nl

Official property valuations, which are used to calculate homeowners’ municipal taxes, have risen an average of 17% this year, according to official watchdog Warderingskammer.

The increase will depend on many factors, including location, property type and its condition, the organization said.

Large regional differences. In Amsterdam he has a WOZ increase of just over 20%, while in Lelystad he has the highest increase of 27% in the country.

In The Hague and Rotterdam, the increase is slightly below average, at 16%, while in the northern municipality of Dantumadier in the province of Friesland, the increase is only 6.8%.

The WOZ value is used to calculate the “eigenwoningforfait”, an additional tax for municipalities, waste disposal taxes, homeowners, and to determine the maximum rent for social housing in a points system.

The decline in home prices late last year is not reflected in the WOZ value as it is based on 2021 market trends.

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https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/official-woz-property-values-rise-20-but-are-based-on-2021/ Official WOZ property values ​​up 17% but based on 2021

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