One Year After Adoption of the Sexual Violence Bill | News Article

News Article | Feb 6, 2023 | 08:34

More than a year ago, on April 12, 2022, Indonesia’s ongoing fight against sexual violence reached an important milestone with the adoption of the long-awaited Sexual Violence Bill (UU TPKS). This landmark law reflected the country’s commitment to eradicating sexual violence and protecting its citizens, and became a reason for celebration. But a review of progress since then reveals that the real potential for positive change lies in the effective implementation of the bill.

To clarify the current situation, the Embassy, ​​in collaboration with the Institute of Public Virtue, recently hosted the 3rd A.E. provided a forum for discussion. The event was intended to examine the implementation of the bill and its impact to date. Distinguished speakers, including the Deputy Minister for Law and Human Rights and the National Commissioner on Violence against Women, shared their insights with attendees. In his opening remarks, Ambassador Lambert Gleins set the tone for the discussion by emphasizing its importance, stating: “Today’s discussion is highly relevant and important. The true meaning of the UU TPKS and this law. We need space to discuss how we can make a real positive impact. “

During the discussion, several obstacles to effective implementation were identified. Lack of funding, ambiguity in the text of the bill, limited information and awareness of reporting procedures, victim-blaming and moralistic attitudes, and lack of gender sensitivity among law enforcement and judges are among the major challenges highlighted. Became. Additionally, the risks associated with online sexual violence were discussed, highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions in this digital age. Amidst these obstacles, a glimmer of hope emerged as students and young professionals enthusiastically pledged support for a more comprehensive approach. They called for bottom-up strategies that involve communities at the grassroots level and encourage the active participation of religious groups in finding solutions. Recognizing the vital role of education, the two leaders stressed the importance of raising public awareness, empowering potential victims, and fostering a culture of empathy and support.

Efforts to end sexual violence are far from over, but this rally serves as a reminder of our determination and resilience to overcome existing barriers and achieve meaningful change.

The next AE Priyono Democracy Forum “Quo Vadis Legal Protection for Defenders of Democracy” will be held on 13 June. Check social media for registration openings. One Year After Adoption of the Sexual Violence Bill | News Article

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