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Over 670 tons of illegal fireworks seized

No fireworks zone in part of The Hague. Photo: Owen O’Brien ANP/HH

police seized 671 tons recorded The number of illegal fireworks for New Year’s celebrations so far, according to government statistics.

A year ago, when fireworks were banned due to coronavirus restrictions, police seized about 206 tons.

This year’s record is largely due to two large shipments totaling 550 tonnes across the German border in Enschede.

Police spokesman Paige de May said he was genuinely concerned about the current mass illegal fireworks display in the Netherlands, but said it was “virtually impossible” to eradicate them. rice field.

‘If Fireworks again cause injury, misery and damage. As police, we have no choice but to continue advocating for a nationwide ban,” he said.

Firecrackers such as cobras and rockets have been banned since 2020, and several towns and cities, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam, have banned all but children’s fireworks on the streets this year.


De Meij said the police would be deployed with riot police on December 31. Dog handlers and arrest units are on standby and will also be used by the police Drone if possible. Drone”De Meij says that they will be able to see very quickly where something is going to happen and take action.

According to government statistics last year, 773 people, mostly under the age of 20, had to go to a doctor or hospital for treatment because of their fireworks-related injuries.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/illegal-firework-seizures-top-670-tonnes-as-new-year-festivities-near/ Over 670 tons of illegal fireworks seized

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