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Overcrowded Schiphol Airport expands passenger compensation

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport announced on Monday that it will extend compensation for travelers who miss their flights due to long wait times at one of Europe’s biggest aviation hubs.

Severe staffing shortages after the coronavirus pandemic laid off thousands have left passengers at Schiphol facing huge queues, sometimes lasting hours, as air travel and tourist numbers recover. I’m here.

“The compensation scheme currently applies from 12 August to 31 October,” airport operator Royal Schiphol Group said in a statement.

The original plans for the airport ran through the summer until August 11th.

“Schiphol is doing this because there are days when the lines are still very long during that period due to a shortage of security staff,” the group said.

Passengers must submit their invoices by Nov. 30, according to the airport, which will cover the costs of rebooking flights, arranging alternative flights, alternative transportation, or arranging additional travel expenses. .

“Schiphol implemented this compensation scheme in the summer because travelers had nowhere to go to claim these costs.”

“Schiphol feels responsible for this group of travelers,” the statement added.

The struggling airport, which saw about 72 million passengers through its gate in 2019, is taking steps to address its operational pain points.

In September, it announced it would cut more than 9,000 passengers per day.

Shortly thereafter, a new CEO was appointed to manage the airport.

Schiphol also said it is investing around €100 million ($) in measures to solve the staffing shortage, including security companies.

https://www.expatica.com/nl/general/overcrowded-schiphol-to-extend-passenger-compensation-380617/ Overcrowded Schiphol Airport expands passenger compensation

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