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Pathé Movie of the Month – Barbie

Hi Barbie!  This catchphrase from the most hyped movie of the month – or probably the year – can be interpreted in so many different ways. What does Barbie mean to you? Renée went along to Pathé Ypenburg today on behalf of TheHagueOnLine.

If, like me, you grew up with Barbie, this iconic brand name will spark a mixture of memories. I still have a few of my own Barbies from the 1980’s, which my daughters also played with when they were younger.   One of my most well-travelled possessions in my moves between Australia to the Netherlands is actually my “Barbie Box” that my father made me for my 12th birthday…more than 35 years ago!  I don’t call it a “prized possession” as it usually sits in storage but this week my 16 year old wanted to unpack it.  Together we reminisced over the many memories we have of playing with these iconic dolls.

It was initially my daughter who was most excited about the film release and encouraged her sister and I to get into the mood by wearing pink.  I have to admit, I mostly went along for her…but ended up walking out a huge fan of the film.

Why? Possibly as I went in with limited expectations, so I don’t want this review to ruin that for others by setting too many.  Let me say though, that it’s been quite some time since a movie has made me laugh out loud so often, and had me in genuine tears at times too.

With witty, insightful and funny lines throughout, the makers of this movie have seriously done their research.  They have understood and cleverly reflect back our often hidden emotions with extreme precision.  The experience captures the glitz, glamour and kitch most of us associate with Barbie, but also confronts societal issues in a smart, entertaining and even educational way.

In the past, I’ve sat through many “kid’s movies” that bored or annoyed me, but this truly hits home with the several generations that the Barbie brand now spans.  My daughters and I all enjoyed it for our own reasons.  I saw a range of ages, genders and other diversities reflected on the screen and in the audience.  I’ve taught marketing at university level before and one of the key lessons used to be that a brand should have specific target markets as it “can’t mean something to everyone”.  Well, Barbie breaks that. Man, woman, young, old, love her, hate her…or anything in between, this film is worth watching.

Take from it what you will – go along just to be entertained, to pinpoint what could be improved (personally, I would have preferred the ending that I was expecting!), or simply go along to understand what everyone else is talking about and add your own opinions!

Book your tickets

Have you seen it yet?  Or want to see it again?  Summer seems to have forsaken us here in The Hague, but it’s perfect cinema weather.  So dig out your pink and book your tickets via www.pathe.nl or in the Pathé app.

Pathé now offers the very comfortable relax seats in Ypenburg and Scheveningen. Not only did we love lying back at our chosen angle, but it was also wonderful to not have to stand up to let others in and out of the row – well done on a design that doesn’t pack people in like sardines….or like Barbies in a box!

Ypenburg parking

The new Pathé Ypenburg location also offers free parking during the summer holidays.  Quick tip if you wish to take advantage of this, as it was confusing to us and some other drivers.  For the BIKE parking, you enter the garage u shaped loop directly under the cinema.  For the car parking however, you need to continue down past the cinema for another few hundred meters, cross over the bike path, and loop back around towards the cinema.  There are signs, but this was not immediately clear to us and a couple of other cars.

Article & Photos: Renée Tentori

A huge thanks to Pathé  for providing two tickets to see the film.  My daughters and I had a fabulous outing and made memories!


https://www.thehagueonline.com/arts-entertainment/2023/08/01/pathe-movie-of-the-month-barbie Pathé Movie of the Month – Barbie

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