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Peter R. de Vries murder trial resumes with six suspects

A judge at Friday’s hearing. Photo: Eva Previer ANP

The trial of several men involved in the murder of TV crime reporter Peter R. de Vries resumed for pro forma hearings on Friday after one of the immigrant judges was replaced.

A total of six men are now indicted in connection with the murder of De Vries, who was shot after leaving a television recording studio in central Amsterdam in July 2021. He died in hospital nine days later.

The lawsuit against shooter Delano G and driver Kamil E was effectively closed last summer, and both were sentenced to life in prison. new evidence.

One of the three judges has since moved out of the country during the delay.

A judge ruled in November that a retrial must be held because of a change in the lineup of judges. I can.

The prosecution and Delano G’s lawyers did not want a new trial, but Kamil E’s defense insisted on it.

In addition, the Justice Department has decided to include four new suspects in the trial, including a Polish national who allegedly provided guns, vehicles and weapons, and two men who filmed the aftermath of the shooting.

The case against four new suspects, Christian M., Conrad W., Gerower M. and Ericsson O., has not yet been completed and full hearings will not resume until the summer.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/peter-r-de-vries-murder-trial-reopens-with-six-suspects/ Peter R. de Vries murder trial resumes with six suspects

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