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Phone Tap Questions Reopen Promes Case

2021 Quincy Proms.Photo by Анна Нэсси via Wikimedia Commons

An investigation has been reopened into Dutch international footballer Quincy Promes, who is accused of stabbing his nephew at a family party. NOS report.

The intercepted conversation was used as evidence against Prometh by prosecutors, and his attorney asked for more information as to why police were given permission to keep him under surveillance.

Permissions were disclosed, but requests for eavesdropping (which should have made the reason clear) were not. An official spokesperson for the court told the NOS: [to the dossier].’

The 31-year-old is on trial in Amsterdam over an alleged Abcoude incident in July 2020.

Prosecutors sought a two-year prison sentence, citing wiretapped telephone conversations. It is understood that Tapp was involved in another investigation in which Proms was a suspect.

Promes never appeared in court as he was sold by Ajax to Spartak Moscow for €8 million two months after the incident. Russian media reported in January that he had applied for non-extraditional citizenship, but lawyer Robert Malewitz said he would not give up his Dutch citizenship.

Earlier this year, Proms Lawyers rejected He was involved in payments to drug dealers mentioned in the hearing of another lawsuit.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/promes-case-reopened-due-to-questions-over-phone-tap/ Phone Tap Questions Reopen Promes Case

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