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Plane overturns on landing at Groningen State Airport.no injuries

A sports plane crashed while landing at Oostwold Airport and came to an upside down stop. The pilot was not injured in the accident and there were no passengers on the plane at the time.

The incident occurred just after noon on Thursday in Oostwold, Ordumbut. According to broadcaster NOS, the pilot landed the plane next to the runway at Groningen’s small airport. According to local media, the plane overturned after being hit by a gust while slowing down.

The pilot was very dismayed by the incident, but was able to leave unscathed. A spokeswoman for the airport told Newswire ANP that it appeared to be pilot error. It was still unclear what exactly he had done wrong.

The airport opened a new 800-meter-long asphalt runway just last month, according to a NOS report. Until then, a dirt runway was used.

Photos from the scene revealed that the plane involved was a Waco Classic YMF-F5C. An open cockpit biplane that can take off and land on the ground or on water. The manufacturer describes this plane as “the quintessence of flight. It flies with a stick and rudder and a seat in your pants.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/18/airplane-flips-landing-groningen-provincial-airport-injuries Plane overturns on landing at Groningen State Airport.no injuries

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