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Police arrest Vlissingen dockworker on suspicion of being involved in €110m cocaine shipment

Police serving at the port of Vlissingen have detained a 41-year-old docker on suspicion of being involved in a large shipment of cocaine found at the port last week. A man from Borsele was arrested Wednesday morning, just seven days after a shipment of 1,500 kilograms of cocaine was discovered by customs officials.

The public prosecutor’s office announced on the day of the discovery that the cocaine was estimated to be worth 110 million euros on the street. Cocaine was found in a shipping container along with a pallet of bananas. It was destroyed that day.

Police said in an update that an investigation was launched immediately. Port police tracked down the suspect, but did not immediately disclose how they got to the man. His home was raided and he was taken into custody awaiting questioning.

In the first half of this year the Authorities found nearly 30,000 kilos of cocaine Under Dutch customs inspection. The port of Vlissingen has become a popular import point for drug traffickers, accounting for 15% of all cocaine found, according to a report released Wednesday. “For such a small port, this is a pretty big number,” customs representative Chris Mels told the NOS.

You can see Vlissingen becoming more popular compared to Rotterdam and Antwerp. Criminals are trying to land drugs via other ports, such as Vlissingen. ”Four cargo ships from South America arrive in Vlissingen every week, and drugs are often hidden in sea containers or dumped into the water from the ships.

Since this week, more port police officers have been deployed to the ports of Vlissingen, Borsele, Terneuzen and Mourdijk. Each team will consist of his 25 personnel, including police officers, detectives and analysts.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/12/police-arrest-vlissingen-port-worker-suspected-ties-eu110-million-cocaine-shipment Police arrest Vlissingen dockworker on suspicion of being involved in €110m cocaine shipment

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