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Police report 30 incidents of racism by fellow officers in six months

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Officers on duty have made 30 formal reports of racist or discriminatory comments by co-workers in the past six months. Reported by NRC on wednesday.

This is the first time the police have outlined complaints within the military, many of which were made by senior officers.

Deputy National Police Chief Liesbeth Huyzer told the newspaper that the numbers so far registered are irrelevant. “The important thing is that your colleagues make the report, investigate it, and respond appropriately,” she said.

The latest reports include a Hague policeman who returned home last week after making “extremely inappropriate comments” on social media. I was a candidate in local elections.

Mr. Heuser said it would not be possible or desirable to ban police officers from joining democratically elected political parties, but he would ensure that police officers carried out their duties in a neutral manner and respected the Constitution. He said more needs to be done to

No one knows how many police officers are PVV members, but “research suggests that police officers are leaning more to the right,” she told the paper.2022 In the local elections of 2006, several ran as candidates for the party.

Hauser you said last year Police officers caught making racist remarks will no longer get away with a ‘good chat’. It means that we will be able to do that,” Heiser said at the time.

Earlier this year, six police officers in the eastern Netherlands were suspended after a video leaked involving racist chants in Paris.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/police-report-30-racist-incidents-by-fellow-officers-in-six-months/ Police report 30 incidents of racism by fellow officers in six months

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