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Police union calls for Eredivisie crowd ban to free up capacity

More than half said they rarely see police on the streets. Photo: Depositphotos.com

The president of the police union ACP has called for fans to be banned from attending Eredivisie matches and to allow police officers to patrol the streets.

Wim Groeneg told Telegraaf Both the police and the public were concerned about the lack of security guards in the neighborhood, and eliminating the need for crowd control on match days was one possible solution.

He referred to a recent study by statistical agency CBS. More than half of the people in the survey said they never or rarely see a police officer in their neighborhood.

“Police capacity is weak and that is a concern,” Groeneweg said. “We have to prioritize. If we were only making choices that didn’t add to the inconvenience, we wouldn’t be making choices. One of those things is having fewer police at football games.

Hessel Koster, a spokesman for the National Police Department, said there is an increasing need for officers to make smart choices based on where they are most needed.

“It also means we have to say no to certain events because other police work takes precedence.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/police-union-calls-for-ban-on-eredivisie-crowds-to-free-up-capacity/ Police union calls for Eredivisie crowd ban to free up capacity

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