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Polls show majority of Dutch people don’t want Rutte back in cabinet

The Dutch public is divided over the future of Mark Rutte and the formation of a new government. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents to the Ien Vanderg Opinion Panel said Prime Minister Rutte should not return to the new government. One in five (22%) of respondents, mainly VVD voters, believes that the outgoing prime minister’s return is acceptable. But two-thirds (65 percent) of VVD voters want Rutte V’s government to remain open, Ian Vanderg reported on Saturday.

Polls show that six in 10 voters (62%) think it’s a good thing that the cabinet collapsed after the asylum deal failed. The majority of VVD voters (60%) and CDA voters (65%) support resignation. One panelist summed it up as “inevitable and necessary”.another wrote: “they They just played political games for their own benefit,” Ian Vanderg reported.

But voters in the Christian Alliance are divided. Half of them (52%) think it’s a good idea for the Cabinet to back down on the policy and are happy the party has adhered to the principle of family reunification. In contrast, 40 percent of CU voters think it’s a bad thing. They would have liked to give the Cabinet another chance in the national interest.

The representative poll was attended by 17,825 members of the EenVandaag Opinion Panel. The poll was conducted on Friday night as well as on Saturday. Only 15% of respondents thought the Cabinet had done a good job. His final grade on the ministerial team was a disappointing 3.6.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/09/majority-dutch-people-want-rutte-return-cabinet-poll-says Polls show majority of Dutch people don’t want Rutte back in cabinet

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