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Possible Forensic Traces of Kidnapped and Murdered Gino Found at Suspect’s Home

Authorities have found possible forensic trails of 9-year-old Gino van der Straeten, who was kidnapped and murdered from Kerkrade, at the home of suspect Donny M., the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) said in a statement Wednesday. said in a substantive hearing. Maastricht Court. Forensic trails include his DNA found in the bathroom door lock.

OM says more research is still needed to determine the reliability of this DNA trace. December, OM still said They found no trace of the boy in M’s house.calling it “amazing” and “weird”.

Officials also found drops in the home containing trace amounts of MDMA and the active ingredient in Kamagra, a type of Viagra. These substances were also found in the fluid that leaked from Gino’s mouth when his body was found. This may indicate that the child has vomited. What M. said happened.

Gino disappeared on June 1st In Kerkrade while playing outside near my sister’s house. Police and hundreds of volunteers searched extensively, hoping to find the boy soon. June 4th, Police arrested M. at his home in Helen.they Found Jino’s corpse Some time later, after M told the police where to look.

At the first hearing in this case, Donny M. told the court He took the children home, gave them drugs and Kamagra, and sexually abused them.

On Wednesday, OM said the content of M’s statement will be tested in every possible way. For example, prosecutors noted that the suspect said Gino vomited before administering the drug. This does not match the drop found at M’s house.

Forensic investigators are still investigating the suspect’s bedding, which was in the washing machine the night police arrested him. The suspect said the child was never in bed. Investigators confirm this by checking to see if Gino’s hair can be seen on the bedding. Investigators found no DNA from Gino on the pillow itself, but the pillowcase that may have been wrapped around the pillow is still being examined for any traces.

It is also suspected that M. Possession or dissemination of child pornography Sexually abused an incapacitated person in 2019. The man had previously been convicted. assault and threaten two children Sexually abuse at least one of them.

The suspect was admitted to the Peter Byrne Center for testing. A mental health professional is still working on a report on his assessment.

The next hearing will be on May 10th. It is not yet clear when the trial against M. will begin.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/02/15/possible-forensic-traces-abducted-killed-gino-found-suspects-home Possible Forensic Traces of Kidnapped and Murdered Gino Found at Suspect’s Home

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