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Prosecution appeals against acquitted Richard Demos

After nearly two months of deliberations, the prosecutor’s office has decided to appeal the acquittal of former Hague City Councilors Richard Demos and Rashid Gernawy on corruption charges.

Hart Hua den Haag chairman Richard Demos said he was very disappointed by the public prosecutor’s office’s decision to continue the appeal. “We wanted to put an end to this lawsuit, which has been going on for over three and a half years. It is very disappointing that the judge’s clear acquittal will not be honored.”

Hart and Den Haag believe the case has become politicized. “The lawsuit was to be lifted beyond the March 2022 elections. As a result, the winner of the election, Mr Hart of The Hague, was barred from the ruling coalition by other parties,” Demos said. .

Demos also said it was particularly impressive that the prosecutor’s office had dropped the most serious charge of joining a criminal gang.

Demos stressed the party’s continued focus on returning to the ruling coalition. “We are currently in ongoing discussions with the Bruno Bruins on this matter.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/06/20/public-prosecutors-appeals-against-acquittal-richard-de-mos Prosecution appeals against acquitted Richard Demos

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