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Protesters calling for Professor Susanne Tauber’s reinstatement reoccupy Academy building (updated) – Northern Times

Update: Tue Apr 25 21:13

After the students refused to leave, the university decided to call the police. Protesters were forcibly dragged out of the building.

The original text continues below.

In a dramatic turn of events, negotiators representing the protesters abandoned previously agreed terms in a meeting with the board of directors of the University of Groningen on Tuesday, now calling Professor Susanne Täuber on May 1. He announced that he is only asking to be reinstated by

Before noon on Tuesday, about 100 students and faculty members gathered at the academy building where the discussion was held, and they also announced their requests for the new single. A protest group named the Occupy RUG has since moved inside and now occupies the university’s most prominent building.

“We are watching,” read a number of signs, underlined with hand-drawn eyes on protesters’ hands. “It’s pathetic that this agency has the audacity to value social safety,” says Finn Jesse, her 20-year-old student from Germany, one of the protesters.

After social safety expert Professor Täuber lost a court case in March over her dismissal by the university, many efforts were made to help her. many protest,open letter 4,000 signatures, influential media articles in academia ( Nature again Times Higher Education),and student-led profession We call for a systematic change in the social security policy of the university, the University of Groningen.

Given that the university has so far consistently refused to comment on the Tauber case, moving to this single request could prove risky. then Occupy RUG Instagram The Susanne Tauber case is successfully closed.”

An agreement to review the university’s human resource social security policy ended the occupation of the former academy building on March 22. The university’s board of directors agreed to negotiate with the students, and the 3 On the 22nd of May they Joint statement and the board of directors Email to students And staff trying to assure the community that they take social safety seriously.

“We believe that public safety is very important. We recognize that not everyone feels safe on campus and we want to do something about it.” said UG spokesperson Anja Hulshof.

Followed by Occupation of the Academy building In March, the university’s board of trustees agreed to convene to negotiate more technical requests for changes to the university’s human resources department. In the same vein, the university launched a campaign this week to encourage staff and students to speak up. This was planned by the university long before the current protests began.

“Even if it’s not your job, listen up,” read the bold posters on every university building. This campaign focuses on speaking up and solving problems as they arise. While the message is well-intentioned and a much-needed effort, the protesters’ own version of the poster makes it clear that their concerns go beyond simply talking things out. is that acceptable? ”

and official statementUG reiterated, “We are unwilling and unable to discuss the individual circumstances of our students and employees based on the privacy laws and code of conduct our university complies with.” The board canceled negotiations after students persisted in demanding Susanne Tauber’s reinstatement.

https://northerntimes.nl/academy-building-occupied-again-by-protestors-calling-for-reinstatement-of-professor-susanne-tauber/ Protesters calling for Professor Susanne Tauber’s reinstatement reoccupy Academy building (updated) – Northern Times

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