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PvdA and GroenLinks Ask Members to Support Joint Election Candidates

Members of PvdA and GroenLinks will be able to announce from Monday whether the two parties should participate in parliamentary elections, along with joint election programs and joint candidate lists. The PvdA and GroenLinks party leaders themselves already think they should join forces. According to PvdA leader Ache Kuiken, they are now asking members for help.

The party has stressed that the membership referendum is not about a merger, and for now PvdA and GroenLinks will remain their own parties. “The time has come for elections when we act together,” said PvdA president Esther Miljam St. Katinka Eikelenboom, party chairman of the Groenlinks party, said the government’s collapse came suddenly and quickly, but that plans had been in the works for months.

Left-wing parties want a left-wing cabinet with a left-wing prime minister. PvdA and GroenLinks argue that greener, more social elections are needed. Neither Kuijken nor Groenlinks chairman Jesse Craber have good words to say about the actions of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whose cabinet was overthrown last Friday over disagreements on immigration.

For example, PvdA leader Ache Kuikken called outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte “unreliable” and “unapproachable”. That’s why she doesn’t want to form a cabinet with him. Kuiken was still reluctant to say whether this also applies to cooperation with his VVD party. The PvdA president said he would first like to focus on the membership referendum on cooperation between PvdA and GroenLinks.

However, GroenLinks leader Jesse Craver declined to comment on working with Rutte when asked. Lawmakers from both parties will vote starting Monday on a joint roster and program for parliamentary elections in the fall.

There is also uncertainty among member states about the continuation of cooperation, and although it is barely on track in rural areas, both parties see member states wanting to move forward together.

The two parties already form a 14-member group of members in the recently created new Senate, led by Paul Rosemmerer (GroenLinks). GroenLinks-PvdA is the largest parliamentary faction in the Senate after the BBB (16 seats).

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/09/pvda-groenlinks-ask-members-support-joint-election-candidacy PvdA and GroenLinks Ask Members to Support Joint Election Candidates

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