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Qhit’s Amsterdam airport slashes flights into March

The beleaguered Amsterdam Airport Schiphol said on Friday it will limit flights until the end of March as one of Europe’s biggest hubs struggles with long queues as air travel recovers.

In recent months, travelers at Schiphol have faced huge queues lasting hours, due to a severe staff shortage after the coronavirus pandemic laid off thousands.

The airport has forced airlines to cut flight numbers, offer compensation to passengers who miss flights, and chief executive Dick Benshop resigned earlier this month.

“Schiphol Airport will maintain the maximum number of travelers who can depart from the airport for the next few months after consultation with the airlines,” the airport said in a statement.

“The airport plans to do this until the end of March. Towards the end of the year, we have a moment to consider whether we can do more from the end of January.”

Hanne Buis, the airport’s chief operating officer, admitted the restrictions were “annoying” but improving the situation “is a big challenge in a very tight labor market. We have to be realistic.”

Dutch national airline KLM, Schiphol’s biggest user, said the airport’s “service has been substandard for too long.”

The previous limit had reduced the number of departing passengers by 18%. The new limit, which is in effect until March, represents a 22% reduction, the company said.

“With the new winter restrictions, Schiphol offers us no prospects,” KLM CEO Marjane Rinter said in a statement.


https://www.expatica.com/nl/general/queue-hit-amsterdam-airport-slashes-flights-to-march-332722/ Qhit’s Amsterdam airport slashes flights into March

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