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Queen Máxima after remarks on digital euro: no need to worry

Queen Máxima has responded for the first time to reports that she has been criticized by the finance ministry for her comments on the introduction of a digital euro. She said it was “good” that the matter was being discussed, but she told Royal correspondent Rick Evers that in her opinion she had “nothing to worry about”.

Advertisement newspapers wrote in April that the ministry wanted Queen Maxima to say less because of the negative reaction she received whenever she spoke about digital currencies. The Queen was unaware of the negative reaction, saying only that she was being asked “many questions” by the central government, bankers said such a currency would fund everyone. are debating whether it is suitable for

“So my job is to say whether such a currency is suitable for inclusive finance. And I said it is not always the case. That is all I said.” explained the Queen. He has also been in contact with Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag on the matter.

At a summit in Brussels in November, Queen Máxima expressed her support for the digital euro and more. She argued that it should be introduced with the idea that if the EU wants it, disadvantaged groups should also benefit from it.

Queen Máxima spoke as Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Comprehensive Financing for Development. In this capacity, she is committed to making financial services accessible around the world, including for low-income individuals and small businesses.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/11/queen-maxima-statements-digital-euro-nothing-worry Queen Máxima after remarks on digital euro: no need to worry

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