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Queen Maxima meets Dutch designer at Milan Design Week | News Article

The Netherlands has always been one of the most important participants of Milan Design Week. Dutch designers stand out internationally not only for the quality of their innovative designs, but also for their ability to pursue social impact through their work. For new designers, the famous Milan Design Week is often a stepping stone to international markets. Queen Maxima’s visit to Milan follows a meeting with designers when she visited Eindhoven on February 16 (Government Information Service Press Release No. 7). She plans to reunite with some of them in Milan.

Queen Máxima’s visit to Milan begins in the city’s Isola district, where she tours an innovative urban park designed by Dutch landscape architect Petra Brais alongside architects. She also speaks with Italian architect Stefano Boeri, who designed a high-rise residential building called Bosco Verticale (or Vertical Forest) that sits on the edge of the park. Boeri also designed the sustainable He Trudo Vertical Forest in Eindhoven and the Wonderwoods in Utrecht.

Queen Maxima will then visit the MAST-designed Circolare – The Circular Village and other locations on Isola, where she will meet many Dutch designers and brand teams. Along with about 300 other designers, studios and makers, she is part of the Isola Design District, an international community founded by Gabriele Cavalaro, Eindhoven’s design scout, Wisse Trooster and others. Publish your work. One of her themes for this year’s Isola is the circular economy and material repurposing. Isola Design District will also participate in Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

In the afternoon, Queen Máxima will visit the Salone Satellite. This section of the Salone del Her Mobiles aims to strengthen the links between research, design and industry, focusing on designers under the age of 35. Accompanied by Salone president Maria Polo and Satellite founder and curator Marva Griffin, Queen Maxima meets her five young designers. Her work of hers was selected as a satellite of the Salone by an international jury. She will also speak with her Eindhoven students at the Design Academy and hear about some 20 established Dutch design brands exhibiting at Salone del Mobile.

The actual visit ends with a visit to Palazzo dei Julesconsulti’s ‘Masterly, the Dutch in Milano’. Curator Nicole is his seventh time Unicole has assembled his collection of over 70 Dutch interiors his designers and design firms. Here, Queen Maxima discusses craftsmanship with students at her HMC, a woodworking and furniture-making school in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Finally, attend Masterly’s official opening at her annual networking event attended by designers, business people, dignitaries and people from the cultural sector.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/03/15/queen-maxima-to-meet-dutch-designers-during-working-visit-to-milan-design-week Queen Maxima meets Dutch designer at Milan Design Week | News Article

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