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RAI Amsterdam will not be a polling place for Turkey’s 2nd round

Dutch Turks looking to vote in the second round of the Turkish presidential election will not be able to vote again at the RAI Amsterdam. Instead, polling stations will open from May 20 to 24 at the Rhone Event & Congress Center near Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. Voters can also vote. in the same place Like the first round, it took place in The Hague, Deventer and Eindhoven.

Amsterdam’s conference center will deploy additional security guards to prevent riots, owner Umut Kaplan said on Tuesday. The status of the first round of voting Getting out of hand at the Amsterdam RAI two different times.

The biggest problem at the convention center came to light on May 7th. A brawl erupted just as the polls closed that day. About 300 people participated in the battle. Police called it a “chaotic situation” at the time and sent dozens of police, dog squads and riot police to try to restore calm.

The city of Amsterdam itself has not taken any safety measures during the upcoming voting period, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

People working at the GIA trade exhibition center in The Hague said they were not afraid of riots during the second round. “We have 50 security guards here, including security guards from the Turkish Consulate General,” said an event center employee. “We had two heated discussions in the first round,” he said, if voices started to rise, three or four guards would help defuse the situation. “But the recent elections have gone better than expected.”

The city of Deventer said Tuesday there were no concrete signs of possible riots. If that happens, the deployment of police and security guards will be expanded. The Van der Valk Hotel in Eindhoven declined to say whether additional safety measures would be put in place.

The election is in its second round as no candidate has received 50 percent of the total votes. The battle is largely fought between incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his arch-rival Kemal Kirikdaroglu. Erdo─čan won 49.50% of the total votes and Kirikda Rogul 44.80%.About 69 percent of those who voted in the Netherlands Vote for ErdoganAccording to Turkish state media.

For the second round of voting, the Dutch ballot box will be open from 8am to 10pm.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/16/rai-amsterdam-will-turkish-poling-place-second-round-voting RAI Amsterdam will not be a polling place for Turkey’s 2nd round

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