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Rain and sunshine expected this weekend and next week

Friday afternoon was relatively dry, but Friday night will be slightly wetter, with more rain expected on Saturday. The National Meteorological Institute’s KNMI said showers should make way for a more pleasant Sunday, with sunny and rainy weather for most of next week. It should be warm from next Friday.

Temperatures are expected to range from 21 degrees Celsius in the northwest to 24 degrees Celsius in the southeast on a mild Friday afternoon. Winds were expected to gradually increase, especially along the coast and along the IJsselmeer. Strong winds from the southwest will start raining from the west during the night.

Thick clouds and stronger winds are expected to persist into Saturday morning, with more rain and drizzle likely later. “Afternoon temperatures will vary from 18 degrees Celsius along the coast to 21 degrees Celsius locally in the south,” KNMI said. The rain should have stopped by Saturday evening, but not completely. The strong winds may abate a bit, but there will still be moments of thunderstorms.

Sunday will likely be more comfortable, according to KNMI. Temperatures should rise from a low of 14°C to a high of 22°C. It may be cloudy on the day, but there will be many sunny hours. Sunday will be mostly dry with only a 20% chance of precipitation and mild southwesterly winds.

However, the KNMI warned that “the possibility of rain will gradually increase after the weekend.” The weather remains changeable from Monday onwards, with rain likely most days. The highest chances of precipitation occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Highs will remain in the low 20s, with overnight temperatures in the low to mid-10s. Overall, the weather is expected to be relatively mild with occasional rain.

The KNMI predicted that the temperature after July 7th will be warmer and could be quite summery in nature. The second weekend in July should start without rain, but by Sunday, July 9, “everyday showers are possible,” the KNMI said.

Maximum temperatures should be at or slightly above the long-term average. Considering conditions at 5 different weather stations across the country, the average historical temperature is 22°C, a high of 22°C and a low of 14°C.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/30/mix-rain-sun-expected-weekend-next-week Rain and sunshine expected this weekend and next week

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