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Rare birds seek water in Holland after drought in southern Europe

Drought in Spain and other parts of southern Europe has driven many rare birds northward in search of breeding grounds. Rare birds such as bee-eaters, stilts and hoopoe have been sighted in greater numbers than usual in the Netherlands this spring, NU.nl reports.

“Everywhere in Holland you see stilts passing by, and it’s not normal,” said Ronald Messemaker, a nature reserve forest manager in De Wieden. “It’s a beautiful seed, but it says something about the situation in the South.

There have also been several sightings of colorful bee-eaters, hoopoe and Orpheus mockingbirds in recent weeks. And more southern raptors, such as tittoons and snake eagles, are flying over the country more than usual, Messemaker.

Bird lovers are amazed, said Mori’s representative. “You no longer have to go to southern Europe to see a particular species.” But it’s also cause for concern. “When breeding season comes and you don’t have the right place, it can stress the birds.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/12/rare-birds-seeking-water-netherlands-due-drought-south-europe Rare birds seek water in Holland after drought in southern Europe

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